Thursday, June 30, 2011

Southwest Chief

This post comes to all of you from the Southwest Chief bound for Lamy, New Mexico. This morning, Brian and I got on our bikes and rode along the California coast from Manhattan Beach up to Marina del Rey and then inland. As in San Francisco, the city of Los Angeles thinks it's fine and totally safe to simply label a street as a bike route, put up a bunch of signs, and then leave us stuck halfway out in traffic on a super narrow and busy street (Venice Blvd.). Complaining and mild sunstroke aside, we made it to Union station, boxed up our bikes, and then spent the next three hours waiting for our train to leave. Neither of us have done much distance riding, and we were both a little pooped after the ride across LA. But, with the help of some coconut water and a few CVS knock-off Advil, we are ready to make things happen. In twenty some odd hours we'll be in Lamy, where we will get our bikes back out of their boxes, put them back together, and then ride from Lamy up to Santa Fe. Apparently, it's over a hundred degrees in New Mexico right now.